The Skinny

fourstars 4/5 Stars

(2012) Jussie Smollett, Blake Young-Fountain, Anthony Burrell

Plot Summary: A group of four young, black, gay men and their lesbian best friend arrange to meet up in New York City one year after their graduation from Brown University. Their plans for a weekend of fun start off well, relaxed in each other’s company as only old friends can be. But old tensions quickly resurface. Drinking, drugs, hidden desire and the demands of promiscuity put friendship, trust and even lives at risk. In between sharp one-liners and a great soundtrack there’s a few important lessons that these pleasure-seekers must learn for themselves. Written with a real sense of the demands of urban living, these bright and believable characters will remind you of someone you know. — (C) Official Site. Via Rotten Tomatoes

Review: Before Fox’s Empire, my future husband, Jussie Smollet was dry humping in a pair of tiny underwear less than ten minutes into this movie. The Skinny was like watching a grown-up version of, director Patrick Ian-Polk’s earlier project, Noah’s Arc. While he stayed true to his dramatic nature, this movie was much steamier, and actually made sense. The men are hot, the plot is believable, and the lessons learned were heavy & important. Oh, and the porn star cameos were priceless!! As a black gay male, I would say that this movie is a must watch for anyone, but especially for LGBT youth of color. 4/5 Stars.