How Gay Men Can Join The Fight Against Misogyny: Free Women Of Your Opinions

If we really want to stand up for feminism, we can start by freeing women of our blindly misogynistic criticisms of everything they do.

Since the beginning of time men have had an invested interest in what women do, how they do it, and ultimately whether or not that’s okay with us.

…Which is completely absurd.

The warped idea that a man’s opinion about a woman should actually matter, transcends sexual orientation. It’s not just the straight guys—gay men are also notorious for perpetuating women’s need to constantly seek male approval…

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Newsflash: Jesus Still Doesn’t Want Your Eggnog

God fearing folk’ across the nation have been in their feelings for ages¬†about the abbreviated spelling of our country’s most unanimously celebrated holiday, Christmas. The argument has been that the shortened version, or “X-mas”, “takes the Christ out of Christmas”. Well, being the petty¬†person that I am, I decided to do some research about how…

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