How Gay Men Can Join The Fight Against Misogyny: Free Women Of Your Opinions

If we really want to stand up for feminism, we can start by freeing women of our blindly misogynistic criticisms of everything they do.

Since the beginning of time men have had an invested interest in what women do, how they do it, and ultimately whether or not that’s okay with us.

…Which is completely absurd.

The warped idea that a man’s opinion about a woman should actually matter, transcends sexual orientation. It’s not just the straight guys—gay men are also notorious for perpetuating women’s need to constantly seek male approval…

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Surviving Christmas With A Crackhead

We all know that the holidays are awkward enough for some families, but they can be unbearable when you’re forced to share the cranberry sauce with an active addict. Just in case I’m not the only one who’s had their relative’s probation officer on speed dial during Christmas prayer; I’ve listed a few tips for Surviving the Holidays with a Substance Abuser:

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10 Things To Do As The World Crumbles Around Us

I have to be honest…I’m emotionally and mentally exhausted.  It seems like every few weeks I’m posting a hashtag that reads: #prayforINSERTNAMEHERE. The news headlines from this summer alone have left the world in a state of shock, terror, anger, & fear. Whether it’s senseless deaths and carnage at the hands of terrorists or rogue police officers, the…

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Happiness Is…

  “Happiness is…” An unsolicited essay of purged thoughts. Happiness is that night you spent dancing in the arms of a man you loved—before you found out he was cheating on you. Happiness is the uncontrollable laughter you shared with ex-friends and lovers over sushi & vodka-water double talls. Happiness is that magical night you spent cuddling with the guy…

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