DM: A commonly used abbreviation for Direct Message. Dm’s are used to send private messages on social media platforms. “Sliding into” someone’s DM is when you discreetly send them a direct message.screen-shot-2016-02-04-at-1-45-52-pm-630x353

When Yo Gotti told us that “it goes down in the DM” I was completely oblivious to the true power of a well-executed DM slide.

Whether the opening line was a flirty, “Hey big head” or an open-ended, “Hello”; we’ve all sent and/or received a DM at some point. While the act of “DM sliding” is considered by some to be a bold, thirsty, and even shady move…

…here are 5 reasons why DM sliding is becoming the dating power move of millennial singles:giphy-1.gif

1. It’s Discreet

One of the best things about DM sliding is that your potential rejection happens in a private forum. One major downfall of ‘spitting game’ in-person is having that embarrassing “no thanks, I’m good” moment occur face-to-face.whenyouslideinherdm39sandyougetdenied-picture.gif

2. It’s Low Risk

Honestly, what do you have to lose?? Worst case scenario: Your crush doesn’t respond or is dismissive. Best case scenario: Your crush replies, you hit it off, and ride off into the sunset together. Overall, the potentially positive outcome outweighs the minimal risks involved.


3. Even Famous People Check Their DM’s

Yes, even celebrities check their Instagram & Twitter direct messages. If you’ve ever dreamed of smashing Tyson Beckford or becoming Yonce’s best friend, you should slide into their DMs and see what happens!!bey-metgala

4. It’s Like Really, Really Easy

Sliding into someone’s DM is so much easier than creating a profile on Tinder or Plenty of Fish. With a little courage and minimal word count you can start a DM conversation that could change your life.


5. It’s A Great Way to Prescreen Your Dates

You can learn a lot more about someone by following their social media feeds than reading their corny Tinder profile. A picture/tweet can say more than a thousand words.


While DM sliding can make it easier to find a boo, sometimes it can add an element of distrust to new relationships. Some people think, “If they slid into my DM they’re probably sliding into everyones.” Personally, I believe that the method used to find romance is not a reflection of either party’s character or ability to be a faithful partner.

Realistically, you probably weren’t the only DM they slid into but if all goes well you could be the last.


Posted by:Anthony Black

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