Satan, my mother, & the entire romantic comedy genre have always found subtle ways of reminding me that I’m alone every holiday season.

If you’ve ever been bae-less in America between the months of November and January, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. From romantic jewelry ads to movie specials featuring a lonely,  cynical millennial who works too hard but somehow finds love under the mistletoe; this time of year is overflowing with reminders that we’re single AF.


 Well, for the first time in my life I actually feel great about being single for the holidays. After some soul searching and Trina listening parties I’ve found true peace with flying solo.

halftastyastrangiacoralSo, inspired by the “Baddest Bitch”, who constantly reminds us that the lack of a man will never stop her hustle, I present to you a Trina-fied game plan to thrive throughout the season without a plus one.


1. Hang up your ‘romantic holiday movie’ pipe-dreamstrina-bean-o

“Im bout to marry my money, I’m so in love with it”

One person you won’t see crying over NANN **** in a Lifetime Christmas Special is Trina. I mean could you seriously see ‘the baddest bitch’ sweating some dude who won’t spend Christmas with her?? Honestly, if you want to thrive this holiday season, first you need to dump your delusional, romantic Christmas movie expectations. Also know that most of the ‘Facebook-fronting’ couples you see cuddled up on Christmas morning won’t make it past Valentine’s Day.

2. Think of all the coins you saved by switching to team ‘Single Again’tumblr_lijp3m8QfW1qafsjwo1_400.gif

“I got game for young hoes, Don’t grow to be a dumb ho, that’s a no-no, See if you off the chain, Stay ahead of the game, save up buy a condo”

The amount of money that you’ll save by not having a boo on Christmas is mind-blowing. I mean from pricey gifts to the travel expenses of visiting in-laws, going solo during the holidays is extremely cost/energy-efficient. 

3. Focus on the people who are actually there

“You bitches hella fake, I’m getting hella cake.”

Yes, focus on the people who are actually there… not the unresponsive Tinder heads or shitty exes who aren’t. Life is all about choices and the people who are still around have chosen to be there. Don’t spend so much time obsessing over people who “shoulda, woulda, coulda have been there” that you miss out on the ones who are right in front of you.

4. Treat your damn self!

“See it pays to be the boss ho, Shiiit that’s how you floss hoes”

Treat your self this holiday season with the extra money in your bank from not having a boo to shop for. At the end of the day the only person who will always be there for you is your damn self. Occasional shopping sprees and spa days (if you can afford them) are essential methods of self-care.

5. Remember why you’re single and don’t rush the process because of a silly Holiday.


“Had to get my mind right, I’m back in the lime light, Fellas!”

Trina said it best in ‘Single Again’ with the line “I had to get my mind right”.Getting your mind right is essential to making any type of relationship work. If you’re not mentally prepared to be someone’s partner, the last thing you should be doing is rushing into any type of romantic situation.

6. Know that no matter the time of year; You’re still the baddest


“Who–who’s bad??” —YOU ARE AND DON’T FORGET IT!!

The key to feeling like ‘the baddest’ no matter the season is knowing your worth. Once you’ve built your confidence and truly believe that you are ‘the baddest’, the sky is the limit. Having a partner does not add value to anyone as a person and being single or taken has no correlation with your worth. Finding a relationship is a matter of timing, luck, and what we’re willing to put up with. It honestly doesn’t take much to find someone to date, but finding quality is another story.


Trust me, Trina would never want you to settle so don’t disappoint the diamond princess. Keep your head high, “The Baddest Bitch” playing on repeat, and be thankful for all the non-romance related blessings in your life this year.


Posted by:Anthony Black

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