What is cuffing season you ask??

It’s that late October to mid December mass dash of 20-30-something singles clamoring to find sex, love, or Netflix partners to survive the winter and holiday season with.image
Hollywood has made millions of films highlighting the depression of lonely protagonists who conveniently find love under a mistletoe. While that concept is adorable, it’s not realistic.

Here are 5 reasons why I don’t support ‘Cuffing Season’:

5. Daylight Savings time= Sexflix.


If you’re hoping for anything besides sex, your timing is bad—literally. In most states it’s dark between 4 and 6pm, and it’s also getting colder which prompts the suggestion of staying in with your date. Everyone knows what “let’s watch a movie at my place” really means. I’m not discouraging sex on the first date but I am giving a side eye to sex being the focus of EVERY date; if you’re seeking more than just that.

4. Save a ton of money by switching to Single—before Christmas.


Who wants the awkward burden of searching for a Christmas present for someone you hardly know? You’ll look like an asshole if don’t buy them something, but you also don’t want to look like a thirst case by going all out. This moral dilemma could be avoided by not actively seeking romance in November/December.

3. What’s Under That Puffy Coat?


Winter layering, plus the obligatory first date alcohol intake= WTF does their body REALLY look like? Living in colder cities, you’ll notice that everyone is covered from head to toe this time of year. Even when sitting in a restaurant, people are still wearing multiple layers or sweaters. Wouldn’t you rather meet someone post winter and get an unfiltered concept of what they’re packing?

2. Seasonal Dating = Last Call Syndrome.

Putting your love life on a time table is how you end up with last call syndrome, aka settling for inferior options because you don’t feel like you have time to find better ones. Rushing into a relationship because of self imposed time constraints is like spending the day shopping for new shoes and settling for the scuffed display pair because the mall is about to close. If you genuinely want a brand new pair of shoes, they’re worth waiting for; even if you have to go back to the mall another day.

1. You Should Never Settle.


If there’s one life lesson anyone can learn from this post, it’s not to settle. We owe it to ourselves to not settle for anything less that what we truly deserve. Rushing into a relationship because you believe it’s “cuffing season” is a prime example of settling.

Just know that you’re not alone and that there are plenty of us singles who will also be frostbitten and watching Netflix alone this winter. The sun will come back out in a few months and life will go on. If we could all transfer the energy we put into seeking love and relationships back into ourselves, imagine how productive we could be this cuffing season??

Posted by:Anthony Black

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