For the #AllLivesMatters vs. #Blacklivesmatter debaters out there….Just to clarify my vantage point as a black male and why I’ll never stop saying #BlackLivesMatter…


Prior to the tragic killings over the last month this hashtag/movement has never meant to insinuate that all lives DON’T matter, it was simply created in support of the black lives that are, have been, and always will be endangered within this country everyday at the hands of police brutality. I agree that all lives do matter but until you’ve been a black person in America who is too afraid to call the police when you need them or to get pulled over on a daily basis; you can’t denounce #blacklivesmatter. It’s not a matter of exclusion it’s simply highlighting an everyday issue we as black men and as black people have faced since we were brought to and sold within this country. My heart hurts for the officers who died today and for the black men who lost their lives this week but before you make a an unfounded and emotion based declaration dismissing our screams for support; specified support, make sure you truly understand it.


And while you may be able to sympathize, until you’ve been in our shoes you will never truly get it. No matter if you have a black friend or a black boyfriend, you can sympathize but dont pretend that you will ever understand. Yes all humans were created equal, but until the day we are treated as such, specified hashtags and cries for visibility are necessary.

STILL don’t get why #BlackLivesMatter is important? I’ll put it in a context that you might find more relatable…

article-2752769-214D830500000578-45_634x405.jpgYes, puppies. While everyone loves puppies, some Americans tend to have an EXTRA large space for them in their hearts…a space slightly larger than the one they have for dead black people; but that’s none of my business…

I’m constantly seeing posts on my timeline about Pitbulls, about how their not all bad and how they are stereotyped, misunderstood, and targeted for dog fights and abuse. Well, if you decided to start a #pitbulllivesmatter movement in direct opposition of the tragic abuse that Pitbulls as a SPECIFIC BREED are facing, why in the hell would it be necessary or even effective to change your hashtag to #allbreedslivesmatter? If your specific, initial intent was to drive awareness around a specific situation of injustice pertaining to a specific breed of dog, tell me how is it effective to generalize your campaign? How will people know what’s happening SPECIFICALLY to Pitbulls if you just say #alldogsmatter?

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 7.07.23 AM.jpg

So then why is it okay for you to demand that we alter our protest for young black men’s lives to be worded in a way that feels more inclusive and comfortable for you? And to be clear, once again, I feel awful about the lives lost this week both innocent civilian and those of our country’s brave police officers. But as a terrified young black man, I can’t/won’t stop screaming for specified visibility. ALL LIVES DO MATTER but police brutality towards black people in America has been the issue, not a generalized, non-specific human rights violation of “all lives”. The attack on us has been very specific and I have experienced it first-hand, so I can vouch for the fact that


Specified police violence against unarmed young black men is very real and very scary. So as a young black man I obviously believe that all human lives matter but I refuse to stop fighting for my black life to make you feel more comfortable.


Posted by:Anthony Black

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