I find it funny how you want big lips like ours. You want an ass and hips like ours.


You want to sing & dance like us. You know all the words to our music. You wear our men on your arms like chocolate accessories but when the very demographic of people you seem to be obsessed with is under attack—-you’re silent. It must be nice to have all of the perks of blackness without the burden of actually BEING black in America.



I mean to also evade the repercussions that come with speaking in defense of the blackness you constantly appropriate—- damn, it must truly be nice. You get to wear weaves without being mocked. You can twerk and wear yellow gold without being labeled “a ratchet”.twerk

Not to mention driving down the street without the constant fear of being murdered by the people chosen to protect you.


Just know that I have casually observed the people who enjoy the benefits of having LGBT/black friends but refuse to speak up when their lives are in danger. Between the Pulse massacre and the continual slayings of unarmed black males in America, if you’re one of my “friends” who won’t vocally support me but will write a long ass post about the unfair death of a Gorilla please kindly exit my life.

Your silence is deafening.


The real endangered species: A young, gay, black man in America


Posted by:Anthony Black

8 replies on “To All The Silent Appropriators Out There

  1. You speak truths beyond measures my friend. I will never know the pain and hardships that you or anyone in the black and gay community face on a daily basis. Sadly the world finds it easier to have no voice and to turn a blind eye on that that does not benefit or effect them personally. I just want you to know sir that you are a strong and intelligent human being with an amazing and caring heart. Your words are stronger and mean more than you’ll ever know.


    1. Wow, Eugene I am speechless while reading your comment. Your words have so much power. Thank you for listening and reading and just being a human. I truly appreciate you and your words tonight. Thank you for being you


  2. I just hope more people hear your words. Its time that people wake up and come together or this will never stop. I hope you have a good night my friend.


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