So we’re good enough to market your new singles but not good enough to be acknowledged when we’re senselessly murdered?



Okay Nicki, I’m beginning to ‘see right through you’.

Now typically I wouldn’t ‘go in’ about a celebrity’s choice to voice their opinions or to stay silent, but after the tragedy that occurred exactly one week ago, I have no other choice.

Nicki Minaj is just one of many notoriously mouthy celebrities who have remained silent in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting. While the list of hushed-mouths ranges from Nicki to Rihanna to Drake, people are choosing to hone in on Nicki’s silence. Why?? Is the LGBT community finally getting sick of her hypocrisy and selective silence?

Personally, I know I am.

When a fan called Minaj out on Twitter for not mentioning the Orlando tragedy or speaking up for her LGBT fans who are under attack, she didn’t reply.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 8.56.06 AM.jpg

@jxhnnybxrrios tweeted:

“I’m kind of offended that Nicki could tweet about a song but can’t acknowledge the shootings in Orlando. :///“

Instead of Tweeting a response, Nicki unfollowed the fan; who had a valid point. Things truly got ugly when, messy blogger, Perez Hilton intervened and responded to Nicki’s enigmatic, and now deleted, tweet which read:

“I believe what the bible says & I won’t change my views I do & say what I want”

[This tweet probably explains Nicki’s silence last July when most celebs were celebrating the marriage equality ruling on social media. ]

Surprisingly there was no, ‘Aye yo Perez WHAT’S GOOD!?’ clap back. Instead Nicki simply liked a homophobic response tweet from her fan directed towards Perez; which to me, says more than a thousand words.

In the tweet, her fan stated:

“Very disappointed at you being a grown ass man and not having a life outside of dick eating smh”

Perez swifly replied:

“I see that @NICKIMINAJ liked this tweet. Yes, I love sucking dick. But mine are all over 18, unlike her brother. Xo.”

[This below the belt response was in reference to Nicki’s brother’s 2015 arrest for allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl. Another instance where Nicki was silent after being questioned for reportedly posting his $100,000 bail.]

But that’s none of my business.


It’s not a secret that Nicki Minaj’s success is owed largely to the support of her LGBT fanbase, more specifically LGBT fans of color; which were the specific targets of the Orlando massacre. So why isn’t Nicki speaking out in support? One simple tweet of a rainbow just to let us know that she empathizes with us would be more than enough.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 10.25.09 AM

While other gay idols such as JLo, Adele, & Beyonce have tweeted, posted Instagram photos, and even sang tributes in support of Orlando; Minaj, who is considered to be a “Queen” for so many gay urban youth of color remains silent.


While celebrities have been pouring out support towards the shaken LGBT community on social media, Nicki has been posting relentless tweets promoting her new single. She’s even been retweeting posts from devoted gay fans gushing over her single—-yet she still won’t speak out on their behalf.

I will say that in Minaj’s defense, she has never truly paraded herself as a gay rights advocate. In fact, her hypocrisy is not a new development. If you listen to her debut album Pink Friday, in her popular track, Roman’s Revenge, featuring notorious homophobe, Eminem, he opens a verse with “..All of you little faggots can suck it…” I found this to be ironic considering that the song’s title is in reference to Roman Zolanski, Nicki’s rap alter ego, who she describes as an orange haired, homosexual.

So yeah, I’m confused too.

All in all, I think we will never truly get an answer from Minaj as to whether or not she supports the LGBT community or if she just enjoys taking our glitter covered coins. Either way, the decision to support her is truly up to us. Personally, Nicki Minaj is getting sat right next to Azealia Banks on my list of female rappers I truly can’t fuck with anymore.


Posted by:Anthony Black

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