Dear Silent Black Church,

It was also your blood that was shed in Orlando yet you believe that stepping over the puddles and sending a Mahogany sympathy card with no return address is good enough.

I say that it isn’t.

When you needed a leader for your praise team & musical ministries, who did you call?

When a black church was violently attacked almost a year ago today, who proudly offered prayer and solidarity?

When heterosexual black men & women were senselessly murdered by police officers, who protested for them?

I’ll tell you who…

It was the woman who’s “dykey” clothes become her invisibility cloak in your presence. It was the man who’s swishing hips were good enough to march behind your agenda but never worthy of your acknowledgment.

It was the devoted men and women who have silently lived a life of shame and condemnation under the fists of your radical judgement, yet you still won’t speak up for them.

Let us not forget that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s, history altering 1963 march on Washington was organized and strategized by an openly gay black man who operated in the shadows. A man who let others take credit for his work because of the shame he felt for pursuing his truth. He was beaten, threatened, silenced, fired, and disowned by the very people he fought effortlessly to set free; yet you still won’t speak on the behalf of his cause decades later.

LGBT people of color have continually had your back.  We’ve made colossal contributions and obediently fought for your agenda while receiving little to no credit without complaining. All I ask is that you finally give back by speaking up.

It’s time for you to open your eyes, look Orlando in the face and claim your dead.

Claim us, because without us you don’t exist.

If you honestly feel as though your attempt to console us by patting us on the back with a broom stick from a comfortable distance will suffice, you are sadly mistaken.

So, do I [a black, god-fearing, homosexual male] think that you are doing enough to make your LGBT family members of color feel welcomed and supported during this time of terror and exclusion?

The answer is simple; no I don’t.


A Disappointed Gay Black “Christian” Male

Posted by:Anthony Black

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