“Happiness is…”

An unsolicited essay of purged thoughts.


Happiness is that night you spent dancing in the arms of a man you loved—before you found out he was cheating on you.

Happiness is the uncontrollable laughter you shared with ex-friends and lovers over sushi & vodka-water double talls.


Happiness is that magical night you spent cuddling with the guy who never called you again.

Happiness is beautiful whispered promises before you knew that they were empty.

Happiness is late night life talks over cheap red wine in the kitchen with your best friend.

Happiness is falling in love at first sight.

Happiness is the moment when the baseline of your favorite song fills your chest and the strobe lights lure you onto the dance floor.

Happiness is dancing on a pole for the first time. 


Happiness is that shaky chuckle you let out after an earth-shattering orgasm.

Happiness is being wasted and running through sprinklers on your 21st birthday. 

Happiness is inspirational conversations with Uber drivers.

Happiness is the serenade of a Salsa band as you move in sync with a handsome stranger.

Happiness is dancing alone in your kitchen while you share a bottle of wine with your secrets and the shadows…

josephine baker and cotton 1920s HarlemHappiness can be so many micro moments in our lives.

However, we fail to realize that we’re not entitled to perpetual happiness. We can become so obsessed with finding consistent, continual, life-long happiness that we overlook some of our best moments—no matter how compact they are.


Dreams, loves, eras, and legacies end every day—all of which are (illogically) hoped to last forever.

What this means is that nothing we think we own truly belongs to us. Everything and everyone will eventually return to their origin place in the Universe one day.

Now does this mean we shouldn’t become attached to anything?? Not at all. In fact, it means the opposite. It means becoming attached to those moments—within the moment. It means looking back at negative experiences and finding the silver lining in them because of the happiness that they brought at one point or another.

Was there a second of true, unfiltered, beautiful happiness within those memories?

If so, we should be thankful for it.


Don’t write anything off because of it’s ultimate outcome. Personally, I think that God (or who ever you believe in) gives us tiny moments to enjoy as a reminder that true happiness exists. It’s up to us to stop, enjoy, and appreciate them—no matter how short lived the flame might be.

Where’s the fun in forever
Swimmin’ in a sea of time
If we only knew beginning
No end in sight
To feel a love

“Where’s The Fun In Forever?”




Posted by:Anthony Black

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