In my opinion, men who work-out are sexier than men who don’t…


…but not for the reasons that you’d assume.

Take notice that I didn’t say men with bangin’ bodies or dudes with six-packs are sexierand that was intentional. When it comes to a man, there are several nonphysical attributes from which his sexiness derives. Attitude, personality, and drive, just to name a few, can be game changing factors when determining a man’s desirability. Personally, I’ve learned that a mild fitness obsession can be an aphrodisiac. No matter his build or amount of muscle definition; there’s nothing sexier than a motivated guy who loves getting sweaty. 

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Men Who Put In Work Are Winning:


1. Ambition Makes People Horny.


A guy who get’s up and gives his best effort in the gym despite the way his body looks or feels is a freakin’ boss. Ambition, discipline, and determination are important characteristics to have in every aspect of life, but a man who can channel those energies back into his body is a sexy and rare breed.

2. Because They Love Themselves, They’re Able to Love Me.

Most people who take care of their bodies do it because they love themselves. In the words of RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” —I couldn’t agree with her more. The way a man treats his temple is a big reflection of his self worth. If he isn’t willing to take care of himself, what makes you think he’ll take care of you down the road??

3. They’re Always Down For Round Two…or Three.


It’s a proven fact that men who exercise regularly have better stamina in the bedroom. The correlation between physical health/diet and sexual performance is a pretty obvious one. The last place I want to be is to be trapped beneath my husband’s rigor mortis corpse on a Tempur-pedic mattress because his heart couldn’t handle the strain of missionary sex.

4. They Motivate Me To Keep Pushing.

Sometimes the best way to lead is by example. Working out with a guy who doesn’t have the abs yet, but has the determination to get them is inspiring. Guys who get up and make shit happen despite the odds are the ones you want to keep around….and possibly get pregnant by.

5. Sweaty Guys Are Hot.


At the lowest, most shallow level, (muscle-bound or dad-bods) sweaty guys are hot!! Wet, glistening bodies, heavy breathing, and deep-voiced grunts…OH and the intense facial expressions! If you ever find yourself alone in a room with a sweat drenched go-getter…consider yourself very lucky.

So as we approach New Year’s resolution season, I have a few words of encouragement for the fitness underdogs out there:

First and foremost, I wanted to say that I think you’re sexy just for trying. Second, people will say it’s cliche for you to make fitness goals in January, but in the words of Drizzy:

“People around you should really have nothin’ to say. Me, I’m just proud of the fact that you’ve done it your way.”-Drake, The Real Her

While the haters lay on their couches in a lazy protest of “seasonal conformity”, you’re gonna be smashing fitness PR’s and transforming into an elevated version of yourself. No matter how slowly you start or how little progress you see, remember that every effort counts. Your future self & possible future husband will thank you for the work you put in today. So stack up those participation points and know that true sexiness is found in deeper places than just your “v-cut”.



-Drake, ‘The Motto’


Posted by:Anthony Black

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