At several points, the happenings of this year have left my friends & I asking; What in the Actual F*@%??


There were days, and even months when it seemed as if the universe spread it’s all-knowing cheeks and sh*t on us.

And not just a regular dump; I’m talking violent storms of relentless, life altering diarrhea flow. I can’t speak for everyone, but over the last 13 months: I have ended 3 serious romantic relationships (in three different states), I lived in two states over 1200 miles apart, changed career fields, hit financial rock bottoms, achieved some professional accomplishments, failed EPICALLY at other endeavors, fell in love with yoga, battled with general anxiety disorder, helped SIX of my friends get through long-term break-ups, partied alone in states I’d never been to before, took risks, traveled, got my heart broken, laughed, cried—-but most importantly I GREW. 

Ah, yes! The silver lining; GROWTH.

While sh*t storms are never enjoyable, if you survive them, you’ll be stronger & wiser than you’ve ever been before. Looking back at the guy I was when the ball dropped at midnight on January 1rst, 2015; I barely recognize him. My blog archives from this year are a testament to my personal evolution occurring at RAPID rate due to my year of “WTF” moments. I’ve even posted retractions to ideals I was preaching on a soapbox just a few months ago.

2015 also forced us to reflect.

My key to not having a COMPLETE meltdown this year, aside from wine and supportive friends, has been reflection. Using the power of retrospect to find out why certain things occurred in my life was a handful of Flinstone’s Vitamins to my personal growth. An example is how I learned to forgive people who hurt me; after accepting that I played a vital role in my own suffering. I realized that no one forced their way into my life, I willingly invited them in…even when I saw the warning signs. Lessons like those teach you the value of loving yourself, trusting your intuition, and knowing your worth. It has been an uphill battle for me but as 2k15 comes to an end, I feel much more grounded in owning these concepts due to self reflection.

15’s turbulence gave us hope for the future.

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s no way that next year can be crazier than 2015 **knocks on wood**. I mean for all we know, the universe might have given us these Sam’s Club sized, bulk packages of b.s. so that we can enjoy smooth sailing into 2016. Although it’s more likely that life will continue to throw obstacles, we now have a higher chance of survival #Becauseof2015. I sometimes think of 2015 as my year in life’s boot camp or basic training.

And now it’s finally ending…the year, not the bullsh*t; and that’s okay.

I know that everyone hates on the “new year, new me” mentality but personally I would love to somewhat separate myself from the baggage of 2015 and turn a new page. While I don’t feel the need to wait until 1/1/16 to do this, I think that New Year’s resolutions are a great excuse for a purge of things that have oppressed you in the past. Sometimes having a literal clean slate or new calendar year is the best way for people to remain optimistic and focus on the present.

While it all might have sucked in real-time, I’m thankful for the heartaches & disappointments I’ve seen this year. I’m also thankful for the laughs and amazing experiences in between.

My trials and tribulations have made me the person I am today….and I’ve recently realized just how much I love that person #Becauseof2015.

So 2015, consider yourself forgiven.

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.” -Lucious Annaeus Seneca


Posted by:Anthony Black

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