Whoever created that, “Ugly guys treat you better” line was a damn liar.

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, Jada Pinkett, Eddie Murphy, 1996, (c)Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

Once upon a time,

there was an urban legend of a surefire way to avoid getting played; it was called “dating down”. Dating down is when you find someone who is less than conventionally attractive, aka ugly, and date them because they appear to be harmless—or so you think. Even if you don’t make a conscious effort to do so, dating down can happen accidentally; especially when you’re in”rebound mode”.

Without realizing it, you assume that your below-average-looking partner feels so blessed to have you that they won’t mess things up; out of fear that they’ll never pull another catch like you.

Well, think again!

In today’s dating world, even the most awkward, non-threatening, goofy looking person can/will play the shit out of you. And yes, they are more than willing to take the chance of never pulling another catch like you again. Why? Because this whole “dating down” tactic has backfired on us. These lackluster men are well aware of their value within the dating scene.

And you know the guy I’m talking about too. He slides in your DM’s after you’ve been hurt by a handsome player and pulls the “I’m not that cute, but Ill treat you good” card. These men know that there’s a high demand for the mediocre looking underdog and will happily play the part. Beware of guys who play this card TOO well. Behind a humble smile and self-deprecating demeanor could be a well-rehearsed play-boy in disguise.

Now I’m not saying that all ugly guys are shifty, but I am saying that physical appearance has no correlation with the character of a person. I know that we’re used to hearing this about beautiful people who aren’t always beautiful on the inside, but the same applies to less than “beautiful” people as well. Contrary to the old sayings and propaganda, ugly guy does not equal good guy. If it’s in someone’s nature to be sneaky, whether they’re fat, skinny, ugly, or beautiful; they’re going to be sneaky.

The truth of the matter is that we should date based on overall attraction; not just safe bets. I’ve learned first hand that even the underdog has teeth, and can bite just as hard. While we should always be cautious, it seems easier to let our guard down with people who make us feel like they’re “so lucky to have us”. But, it’s like I’ve said before, even the sexiest trophy wives/husbands can get cheated on.

Dating down is limiting and self-sabotaging. Not to sound completely shallow, but if I’m gonna get dragged through the mud I’d rather it be by someone who was fine as hell than a troll. At least when we break up I can point and say, “Yeah, I hit that” instead of “What the hell was I thinking?”

Ex. Ugly=Loyal propaganda



Posted by:Anthony Black

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