I was having a routine conversation with a friend about how miserable they are in their current relationship, when I decided to give them an example of how their situation appears to outsiders. I immediately went to my faithful Google browser and began searching for examples of imfamously co-dependent, dysfunctional relationships. Out of the millions of examples I found, ie: Bobby & Whitney or Amy & Blake; the most fitting seemed to be tumultuous relationship between ‘Peanuts’ character, Linus and his raggedy blanket. I told my friend that the shitty blue blanket that Linus drags with him throughout life signifies their unhappy relationship. It’s like everyone knows that their life would be better without it, but they’re too comfortable and co-dependent to leave it in the hamper.

Here’s a rough depiction of the way the world views your unhappy relationship, in ‘Peanuts’ terms:

  • This is the reality of your co-dependence on the relationship you know that you’d be better without. Picture29
  • This is what literally EVERYONE thinks you need to do at this point.


  • When you vent to your friend’s about how he “hurt you for the last time“…again. This is what we want to scream!!


  • This is the look we give you the next day when you say “We’re gonna try to make it work.”


  • This is one of the many lousy excuses you make when we tell you to just dump him already!


  • This is what the cute guy, who you don’t give the time of day, thinks every time he sees you.


  • And this is the best advice I can offer when you act as if you can’t possibly survive without your blanket aka unhappy boyfriend.


But you will survive. [In my Gloria Gaynor voice]

It’s pretty obvious that Charles M. Schulz was doing more than just illustrating cartoons for kids. If you read into his comic strips a little deeper, you’ll quickly realize that he was the original Dr. Phil, except with colored pencils.

If you’re a Linus, just know that your ‘Peanuts’ crew of friends fully support your decision to toss your dirty blanket—-and we’ll be here to help you through the withdrawals.

“I think I’ve discovered the secret of life — you just hang around until you get used to it.”
― Charles M. Schulz

Posted by:Anthony Black

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