Written By: Limitless Lady

Let’s face it, meeting people organically is getting harder by the Nano second. You might have noticed that most people are glued to their phones, especially when out and about. Our wireless devices have made striking up a conversation with a stranger almost obsolete. While I still hold on to the fantasy that Mr. Right will bump into me at the local grocery store, I’m no stranger to online dating.


Here are a few things that make me laugh out loud about men who use dating apps:

5. Men who use cropped photos on their profiles.

I don’t really care if it’s your “sister”, if I can see anything indicating the picture could have possibly been of you and your ex, I cannot take you seriously.84144889

4. Men who are balding and overweight but explicitly state that they only want an “athletic/toned” or “slender” woman.

Let’s be real. The average American woman is 5’4” 165lbs. Thicker girls are the majority these days, get with it! giphy

3. Men who begin conversations with ”Hey”.

So you have read my entire profile and all you can come up with is “Hey?” Am I not compelling enough to merit an actual introduction?


2. Men who ask for phones numbers off rip.

Making a connection doesn’t happen within the first 5 minutes of a conversation. If you ask for my number prematurely, I can only correlate that to other things that happen prematurely…orgasmgif_amelie_1

1. Men who think that just because they show off their money, I’m automatically obligated to speak to them.

While dating someone with a strong financial portfolio is nice, I can’t always believe they’re looking for anything more than a

bye-felipe-ftWe’ve only scratched the surface of online dating etiquette here; I haven’t even started on the “#BYEFELIPE” movement—another time, another post. For all the guys reading this, I hope this has inspired you to reconsider your approach when courting a female over the internet.

Posted by:Anthony Black

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