Breaking The F**k Boy Cycle

Why do we fall so hard for men who aren’t about sh*t? Now when I say “men who aren’t about shit”, I’m not simply referring to annual incomes or a lack of vocational milestones. There are also men who look amazing on paper (and without clothes on) but don’t have an ounce of emotional intelligence—aka aren’t about shit. So…

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The Irma Diaries: Entry 3

Entry 3: The #IrmaDiaries with Mr. Black: In an attempt to maintain my sanity, I present to you….the #IrmaDiaries The date is still September 11th 2017 and it’s 11:50am. I’ve been playing dead in this room to avoid any social interactions since we lost power (15 hours ago). The only reason I got out of…

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The Irma Diaries: Entry 2

Entry 2: The #IrmaDiaries with Mr. Black: In an attempt to maintain my sanity, I present to you….the #IrmaDiaries Today is September 11th 2017. Yeah I know, a shitty date indeed. I would like to take a pause from my first world bitching to acknowledge those lost in the World Trade Centers so many years…

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How Gay Men Can Join The Fight Against Misogyny: Free Women Of Your Opinions

If we really want to stand up for feminism, we can start by freeing women of our blindly misogynistic criticisms of everything they do.

Since the beginning of time men have had an invested interest in what women do, how they do it, and ultimately whether or not that’s okay with us.

…Which is completely absurd.

The warped idea that a man’s opinion about a woman should actually matter, transcends sexual orientation. It’s not just the straight guys—gay men are also notorious for perpetuating women’s need to constantly seek male approval…

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